Can dogs eat chia seed pudding?

chia seed pudding

Chia seed pudding has become a favorite breakfast staple for many households due to the many health benefits attributed to chia seeds.

However, while chia seeds are fairly safe in moderation for dogs, chia seed pudding may not be the best treat for your dog. Since most chia seed puddings are made with nut milk you may want to bypass giving your dog chia seed pudding.

Most nut milks are safe for dogs when given in small amounts, with oat milk being one of the safest, but there are some things to keep in mind when feeding your dog nut milk. Some nut milk can have harmful ingredients that can cause everything from stomach upset in your dog to more severe effects that may need a trip to the veterinarian.

Things like excess sugar, stabilizers, and artificial sweeteners are all ingredients you should watch out for when giving your dog nut milk, in addition, many of the nut milks are high in calories, which your dog doesn’t need.

If you do decide to make your dog chia seed pudding the best way would be to make the nut milk at home and give a very small amount with food. This is not something that is recommended daily for dogs and should be used as a treat in moderation.

Can dogs eat chia seed sprouts and grass?

Yes, your dog can eat chia seed sprouts and grass just like chia seeds. You can include them in your dog’s food in small portions

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