raw dog food and kibble

When home-cooked diets for dogs cost more than commercially prepared kibble

If you have a dog with chronic enteropathies or chronic illness like renal disease or pancreatitis that is partially manageable through diet then you are aware of the higher cost often associated with these diets. But despite the benefits associated with commercially prepared diets for the management of chronic enteropathies and diseases, many owners are…

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dog with glasses

Is your dog gaslighting you?

What is gaslighting? Gas lighting is a form of manipulation and is commonly practiced by narcissists. The perpetrator will make someone think or feel something and then place self-doubt or confusion in their mind as to if it even occurred. This causes the receiver to question their own sanity sometimes as the gaslighter will often…

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can cats eat chocolate

Can cats eat chocolate?

Chocolate and Cats Chocolate is derived from Theobroma cacao which are seeds that have been roasted and prepared to eat many owners know that it is toxic for dogs but cat owners may have some concerns as well and want to know if cats can eat chocolate. Is chocolate toxic to cats? Simply put, yes…

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You’re feeding your dog wrong! 10 Reasons why you are feeding your dog the wrong way

Here are ten things you might be doing that are destroying your dog’s diet! 1. NOT FEEDING FOR YOUR DOG’S LIFE STAGE Your dog’s nutritional needs change throughout their lives, the pet food industry has broken down dogs lifespans into three main stages: puppy, adult, and senior. Sometimes people will feed their puppy and senior…

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dog looking at food bowl

The differences between food intolerances and food allergies in dogs and cats

While many of the symptoms and presenting clinical signs of pet food intolerances in dogs and cats and pet food allergies in your pet are similar, these food sensitivities have vastly different processes and can have drastically different outcomes. True food allergies are actually pretty rare in pets. Food sensitivities are approximately 10-15 times more…

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two ferrets cuddling

Pancreatitis in Ferrets

Yes, ferrets can get pancreatitis and it turns out it may be a bit more common than most vets thought! Infectious, inflammatory, and endocrine diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, parasitic infection, diarrhea, or insulinoma are commonly diagnosed in ferrets, but somehow pancreatitis seems to remain overlooked in many cases.  Although in the past scientist…

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vet giving dog medication

Budesonide or Prednisone, finding the best treatment for IBD in your dog?

For years pet owners have turned to the steroids such as prednisone or prednisolone for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease in dogs. However, with the introduction of Budesonide that has changed for many owners. What is Budesonide? Budesonide is a synthetic, water soluble corticosteroid used in humans and animals to treat inflammatory diseases such…

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over the counter diarrhea medication for dogs

7 safe over-the-counter medications for acute diarrhea & vomiting in dogs

When your dog has stomach problems like diarrhea or vomiting it can be worrisome but knowing what over-the-counter diarrhea medications you can give your dog will help tremendously. Many times when our dog has diarrhea or your dog vomits we want to ‘fix’ the situation immediately with over-the-counter diarrhea medications, but in some cases, it’s…

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