The top joint Supplements to stop arthritis pain in dogs

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Aside from prescribed pain medication, there are two main types of dietary assistant therapies available to help pet owners alleviate some of the signs and symptoms associated with joint pain in dogs that have arthritis. Dietary supplements and nutraceuticals.

To read more about nutraceuticals and supplements for arthritis in dogs read our article here: How to choose a joint supplement for dogs with arthritis. The article discussed what to look for in a good supplement and how to choose one as a concerned pet owner.

Do joint supplements actually work?

Yes and no. Just like in the world of supplements for humans, they are not regulated by the FDA so, unfortunately, some companies are able to take shortcuts to increase profits.

So it really depends on which supplements you buy and if they offer the ingredients needed by your dog in the appropriate amounts. To learn more about choosing a quality supplement for your dog with joint issues read our article here.

There are many supplements on the market that include ingredients that have been researched and proven to help in relieving some of the signs of arthritis in dogs and some that are filled with hype.

One beneficial ingredient, for example, fish oil has a tremendous amount of scientific research to support its use of it in a joint-protective formulation for dogs. However, surprisingly glucosamine and chondroitin have mixed research results.

It is important to not only do your own research on which supplements are best for dogs with arthritis but also to watch your dog closely to see if there is any improvement after taking them for a couple of months. Always check reviews, if you can check Consumer Reports, and always speak with your veterinarian about what he or she recommends.

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What are the risks of giving my dog supplements?

There is always a risk when giving your do supplements or nutraceuticals. There is the risk of an allergic reaction, food insensitivities, or general gastrointestinal upset.

Always check with your vet about the ingredients included in whichever supplement you choose to use. As some supplements may interfere with certain medications your dog is using.

Usually, if your dog has symptoms of a supplement or nutraceutical causing stomach issues you will see the following signs and you should speak with your vet or a veterinary poison control specialist to determine your next steps.

Of course, this is a general list of some of the signs of gastrointestinal upset, your dog may show other symptoms like blood in the stool or excessive salivation.

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Inappetance
  • Lethargy

How to Choose a High-Quality Supplement

While we have a list of 9 things to look for in a high-quality joint supplement for dogs here. In general, you want to look for quality ingredients like organic ingredients and whole foods with minimum synthetic dyes or flavors added

Want to learn more about keeping your dog safe while giving them joint supplements? Read our article here about the risks and dangers of joint supplements in dogs.

Our 2023 picks for the top 5 Joint-Supplements for dogs

All of the supplements chosen below have no egg or dairy which is a plus since some dogs have allergies.

If we could make the perfect supplement for dogs with joint issues Wholistic Pet Organics would be it. Not only does it include both high amounts of Omega 3 fatty acids and green-lipped muscle it also has probiotics and a very limited inactive ingredient list, which means fewer things your dog doesn’t really need!

Four Leaf Rovers Green Eggs Joint and Mobility Support Supplements are great for dogs with allergies to many things as the formulation only has the best and most important ingredients for joint support in dogs. In fact, there are only four active ingredients and no inactive ingredients!

Hemp is great for dogs with joint issues and this formulation had the highest glucosamine and chondroitin levels of all the brands. They also include vitamin E in their ingredients so that too is a plus.

Honest Paws Mobility is great for targeting inflammation because not only does it have green-lipped mussels which are high in EPA the company also includes vitamin C and boswellia in their formulation which is also great anti-inflammatories.

Veterinary Naturals Hip and Joint formulation had the highest amount of HA when compared to many formulations, it also includes many of the other ingredients that are great as joint protectives. However, the inactive ingredient list was a bit lengthy.