Can probiotics help prevent giardia in dogs?

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Several studies have shown that probiotics can help provide some protection against giardia. While many studies about the importance of gut health have been done in humans it may also be applicable to dogs.

The main probiotic strain that has displayed some anti-Giardia effects are those of Lactobacillus. Most probiotics for dogs do include a strain of Lactobacillus and this is because certain strains have already been shown to help improve gut health, reduce diarrhea, and improve stool quality in dogs.

More studies are needed as many of the mechanisms of what role probiotics play in giardia infections are still unknown, but here are some ways shown in research.


How probiotics can help protect your dog against giardia

1. Proiotocs may protect against mucosal damage

When dogs have giardiasis, the organism is attached to the intestinal wall and wreaks havoc which causes a lot of inflammation.

Research has shown that probiotics may have some antioxidant capacities to suppress oxidative products and regulate the immune response, thereby decreasing inflammation.

2. Directly targeting the parasite

Probiotics may actually be capable of reducing the Giardia load by destroying its cellular architecture

3. Suppressing growth and proliferation

One study showed that probiotics may also help to suppress the proliferation and growth of trophozoites by the production of some factors that are anti-giardia.

What are some good probiotics for my dog?

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