Keeping your dog safe during the New Year

New year dog

The new year often brings about parties, fireworks, and celebrations which means noise! Many of our pets are afraid of the loud noises that come with holiday celebrations so to keep them safe follow these tips

  • If they get apprehensive during gatherings, consider keeping them in a quiet, separate room where they have lots of things to play with and chew on
  • Make sure your pet has been microchipped and that they are wearing their Pet ID in case they escape out of an open door
  • Let your guests know that you have a dog or cat and that they should refrain from feeding them, keeping the door open, or any other house rules
  • If your dog is apprehensive about loud noises like poppers and fireworks try something that will help soothe them like a thunder shirt, CBD for animals, or a mild sedative prescribed by your veterinarian. You can also keep them in a ‘quiet’ room with all the windows closed and curtains that will help muffle the sounds. Also leaving the radio or television on may help distract them from any outside noises as well.
  • Alcohol is usually flowing during New Year but make sure your pet isn’t partaking as it can have deadly consequences