5 ways to memorialize pet

1. Hold a memorial service

dog memorial

This is a great option for commemorating your dog’s life as you can include others that loved them as well so they can also say their goodbyes. At the end, you can choose to hold a memorial service where you bury your pet or scatter his or her ashes.

2. Keep a memory

There are more ways than one to keep a memory of your dog, you can have them cremated and their ashes place in jewelry or place them in an urn. Here is an urn that I like

3. Help them to live on

You can choose to cremate your pet and plant a tree or flowers in their honor along with their ashes. There are also memorial stones available that you can place in your garden.

4. Get a portrait

There are so many artists that paint pet portraits, you can always get one done of your pet. This is also a great gift for someone close that has recently lost a pet.

5. Create a scrapbook

Create a scrapbook, so that when you want to go back and look at your pet’s photos you can do so.