Camostat mesilate as a treatment of canine pancreatitis

Although pancreatitis affects several breed of dog and has a mortality rate of 27-58% there aren’t many medications or supplements that help with inflammation in the body for dogs. In this study camostat mesilate was studied in rats with induced pancreatitis and dogs that had been previously diagnosed.


Scientist looked at camostat mesilate and the effects that it had in rats and dogs.

What is Camostat mesilate? Camostat messmate is a protease inhibitor, meaning it stops trypsin and various inflammation proteases. It has been used in humans since the 1985 widely in Japan to help decrease the acute symptoms of pancreatitis.

Key Points & Results

  • The overall consensus from participating pet owners was that their dog’s quality of life had improved
  • Serum cobalamin (vitamin B-12) concentrations decreased significantly (the researchers have to do further investigation as to why)
  • Dogs given a higher oral dose of the medication showed a significant decrease in serum concentrations of canine pancreas-specific lipase (indicating that it was helping with pancreatic cellular damage)
  • The researchers concluded that the oral administration of camostat mesilate 3 times per day for 7 days resulted in body weight loss and decreased food intake

With further study, camostat mesilate may be a great addition to help treat pancreatitis in dogs in the future. Is this something you would be willing to incorporate into your dogs daily life?

The research paper reviewed was ‘A Method of treating canine pancreatitis‘ 2015


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