My dog’s pancreatitis is not getting better

sad dog with pancreatitis on couch

If you have a dog with pancreatitis and it does not seem to be getting better here are some steps you can take

1. Appetite stimulants

If your dog is not eating you may need to visit your veterinarian so they can prescribe appetite stimulants like Entyce.

2. Fluids and electrolytes

If your dog is not eating due to pancreatitis or continually vomiting or having diarrhea you may need to have them placed on IV fluids or take them in for SubQ fluids.

Consult with your vet to see if you can feed some water mixed with Pedialyte via syringe in the meantime

3. Veterinary care

If you have your dog at home and they don’t seem to be getting better at home you may need to take them to the vet for IV fluids and antinausea medication

4. Feed small meals

If your dog is not getting better but still wants to eat you should feed them small meals throughout the day instead of one or two small meals.

5. Feed bland meals

You may be able to get food from your vet for dogs with sensitive stomachs otherwise you can feed them a bland meal throughout the day