Top 10 Websites for New Pet Owners

Here is a list I compiled of the top 10 websites for new pet owners. Let me know if you think any others should be included!

10. CDC: The portion of the CDC dedicated to pet owners is full of up to date information about pet food recalls, animal related diseases, and other health concerns

9. Pet Insurance Review: If you are opting to get pet health insurance (which you should) this website is dedicated to owners reviews

8. 1800PetMeds: – You will most likely need medication and preventatives for your pup at some point and at times you can find them a lot cheaper online

7. The Pets Digest: – A website dedicated to brining you the best and most up to date information about your pets diet, especially if they have digestive issues

6. Smart Dog University:– This website can be used to supplement any in person training you may receive

5. Pet Poison Hotline: – This website and the ASPCA Pet poison website are great to have on hand

4. Chewy: – This website is useful if you are looking to save money on food, treats, and anything else puppy related

3. Puppyhood: – This website is chock full of articles about puppies

2. Bring Fido: – This website is great if you are traveling, want to find a dog friendly beach or are just looking for something to do with your pup

1. Dog Friendly Events: – This website seeks out pet friendly events that you can bring your pup to