FMT: Could this be the cure for your dogs IBD?

Have you ever heard of a poop transfer? If not be prepared to learn all about it! In the article below researchers and doctors performed…

Have you ever heard of a poop transfer? If not be prepared to learn all about it!

In the article below researchers and doctors performed one on a dog that showed remarkable improvement in his gut microbiome biodiversity and IBD symptoms. If your dog has IBD this could be a treatment option for your pup in the near future!


Scientists researched how transferring the microbiome from a healthy dog to one suffering from IBD affected gut health.

Methods: What is FMT?

The researchers used FMT or fecal microbiota transplantation. FMT is exactly what it sounds like. It is basically the transfer of a fecal preparation from a thoroughly screened, healthy stool donor into the colon of a patient.

FMT is actually a procedure increasingly performed in humans as scientist learn more about the microbiome and how it works.

How does FMT work? This is not completely understood, but it is believed that it serves to repopulate the patient’s microbiome with diverse and healthy bacteria while decreasing ones that are not beneficial. Watch the video below for more information on FMT.

Article Key Points:

  • The dog a 10 year old toy poodle with IBD had multiple, long-term FMT treatments
  • The pup was treated a total of nine times over a six month period, then once every three weeks thereafter
  • The owner did notice some reversion in consistency of fecal matter and gas which is why it was decided to continue the treatments every 3weeks, as far as the improvement of the symptoms remained stable
  • The scientist noticed an improvement in the fecal microbiome diversity post FMT
  • The patients clinical symptoms improved remarkably in regard to the changes in the fecal microbiome
  • There were no apparent side effects noted during FMT treatment
  • No endoscopy was performed to confirm changes in the intestinal mucosa because the owner did not consent to the procedure

To summarize, FMT may be the next big thing in treating pets and humans suffering from debilitating and chronic gut inflammatory diseases. While there is much research necessary, it may prove to be extremely beneficial to many.

Would you consider having this procedure done to your fur baby?

Want to read the article for yourself? You can find it here



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